1. This morning I made my way through to Elgin for the first round of the Grampian Motocross Club Championship.  After finding out the rules of where photographers are available to go and the best spots I settled into shooting this unfamiliar sport.

    After being to a few rally rounds I am used to hearing the loud and varied noises from engines but when there is 20 or so riders all putting the gas down it is a whole new experience.  Speaking to people was very difficult with the riders flying by although when I did get a word in I met some friendly and motocross enthusiastic fans and staff.

    Throughout the day different classes did their laps with a slight delay when a helicopter landed next to the track to attend to a rider who had crashed.  Injuries weren’t what I had in mind on my way to the race but unfortunately three people were taken to the hospital and hopefully will all make a quick and full recovery.  

    Despite the wind blowing dust and sand into my camera and burger I will definitely make it back for a few more rounds to watch this impressive sport.